Learn To Massively Expand Your Business Through M&A

How To Build a “Warchest” to Make 7 to 9 figures by Becoming a Strategic Business Buyer.

We Will Teach You To Leverage Companies, Create Multiple Sources Of Revenue, Stabilize Financials, and Acquire Marketshare!

Attend Our 3-Hour Workshop in Pasadena!


The Billionaire Playbook - Strategies & Blueprints From The Elite Top 1%

➨ Transitioning Into A Legacy Mindshift

➨ Acquire More Marketshare, Dominate Your Industry!

➨ Reach Untapped Potential by Adding Revenue Streams & Improving Margins

➨ Breakthrough Barriers, Attract Top Talent & Better Clients or Customers

➨ Create a Cash Flow Generating Machine That Accelerates Company Growth & Net Worth!

➨ Become Recession Resistant, Defensible Against Economic Downturns

Attendees gain access to our exclusive Private Members Only Facebook Group where members share ideas and engage on how to buy, sell and build businesses. This group has monthly events, educational material, Q&A threads and offers a chance for all business owners to engage or partner together.

9 Benefits of using M&A for Business Growth

Benefit #1:

Quickly enter new markets.

Benefit #2:

Enter A Marketplace With Credibility

Benefit #3:

Diversify Products & Services

Benefit #4:

Acquire Intellectual Property

Benefit #5:

Acquire Top Talent

Benefit #6:

Reduce Compeition

Benefit #7:

Take Over Competitiors

Benefit #8:

More Value For Shareholders

Benefit #9:

Innovation Through Acquisition

This event is designed for someone who already owns a business and or that is looking to expand through acquisition. For Professionals that are looking to own their own company, investors, entrepreneurs, referral partners and those that want to either expand their current business or that are looking to buy or sell a business.

What’s Included?

You get a start to finish strategy on how to scale rapidly through acquisitions. You get our playbooks and our docs built around growing through M&A.

Key Deliverables: The Acquisition Codex: A Step-by-Step Guide To Closing Your First M&A deal. This will go over the methods, tactics and terminology. - Physical Handbook or Downloadable PDF.

Digital Assets: (Excel & Google Sheets, Word Docs & PDF's)

And so much more...

Skip The Startups By Using These Techniques To Pivot Your Business To Explosive Growth!

Strategies To Buy A Business With Little To None Of Your Money Down!​

Jesse Mauck, Director of Zigr Inc

Participants Will Learn:

⮕ How to gain alignment on management expectations about mergers and acquisitions

⮕ How to establish a process for evaluating potential merger and acquisition candidates

⮕ How to screen potential merger and acquisition candidates

⮕ How to complete a financial evaluation of merger and acquisition candidates

⮕ How to estimate the value of merger and acquisition candidates

⮕ How to conduct due diligence

⮕ How to develop and implement an assimilation plan to guide post-merger integration activities

Where Is The Event Located & When Are They Hosted?

Located in Pasadena, California every Saturday & Sunday Mornings from 9am to 11:30am. 3 Hour Workshop with a 10 minute break. Attendees Have The Option to Schedule a 1-On-1 Consultation.

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